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Winter & Outdoor

Bags in Bulk is the UK's premier supplier for wholesale and bulk winter and outdoor gear for every need. We have sleeping bags, tents, blankets, socks and apparel in a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from. Everything we sell comes in wholesale case-packs, which allows us to sell our high-quality merchandise for a fraction of retail prices. Our deep discounts on winter and outdoor makes it easy to donate our products to churches, shelters, and other non-profits.  

The UK's best selection of wholesale camping & survival gear

Bags in Bulk is the leading supplier of bulk and wholesale winter apparel, accessories, and survival essentials. We carry a huge variety of cold weather gear that can make all the difference for at-risk and homeless people, and is perfect for go-bags, survival and disaster preparedness kits, roadside emergency kits, and more. Shop our selection of the best wholesale and bulk outdoor supplies in the UK and beyond.