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These Reusable Shopping Bags Are Perfect for Screen Printing and Sublimation

These Reusable Shopping Bags Are Perfect for Screen Printing and Sublimation

We have one planet that we share, and the fact that we are clogging the oceans and landfills in our nations and under-developed nations with choking plastics that never biodegrade is a reality none of us can escape.

More and more people are smartly choosing reusable shopping bags for crafting, hobbies, and grocery shopping. Bags in Bulk is proud to be one of the best suppliers of wholesale reusable shopping bags and sublimation tote bag blanks suppliers in the UK for this very reason! 

colorful reusable shopping bags full of groceries

Print on our wholesale shoppers and totes and give your customers a branded shopping experience they can take home

Choose from a variety of colours and sizes to offer to your customers as a vendor, or simply stock up on your own packs at home and bring them to your favorite merchants! When you check out, if plastic is still offered, you can help to do your part not to utilize it. This problem will only confound our children and our children’s children if we don’t take responsibility now and curb the tide of toxic plastic waste.

What’s ideal about reusable shopping bags beyond their positive ecological impact is that they’re strong, compact for easy storage, and colourful. Plastic bags even doubled often rip and tear, and you’re lucky if you don’t end up chasing your groceries rolling away from you. Like most of us, you also may be very busy and don’t have all the time you need to unpack everything once you arrive home.

underwater photo of plastic bags and garbage floating in the ocean

Reusable shopping bags in bulk for screen printing and sublimation, retail use, giveaways, and more

With everything just tossed in plastic bags, you may overlook certain items that needed to be kept cold or hot to stay fresh, and by the time you realize your error it’s too late and they have to be thrown away. It’s happened to us all before, but it tends to happen a lot less often with a colour-coding system whereby you can put your perishables in the green, canned goods in the red, hot and fresh bakery items in the khaki bag, and so on. 

Once you have devised a system that works for yourself and your family, you will produce much less waste both in terms of bags, and in terms of anything you forgot to put away.  Plus, the bags can be easily folded down and tucked away in backpacks, closets, or the boot of your car so that they are never in your way, but are already ready go to the next time you go shopping.

Wholesale blank reusable shopping bags are ideal for sublimation and screen printing

Whether you run a professional sublimation business, or you just saw a really great YouTube video and now you want to try it at home, you need a strong, polyester shopping bag with which to begin.

Our sublimation tote bag blanks provide the perfect raw surface for sublimation printing. Perhaps you’re a merchant who is going green but still wants your store’s logos on the bags? These bulk and reusable tote bags are ideal for all of the above.

say no to plastic bags and yes to reusable shopping totes

If you run a business, civic organization, or a charity and you want to raffle off prizes or reward good employees, you can easily print your company’s logo or motto onto these bags and give them out to whomever you would like. A reusable bag is a great marketing campaign idea, or gift idea that the recipient can use again and again, all the while getting your name out there to all who see it. Buying wholesale blank reusable shopping bags for screen printing is a great investment for any business

Screen printing on reusable shopping tote bags saves money and the environment

No matter its final destination, a reusable bag is just that – a bag that will be used time and again by someone who wants it, needs it, and enjoys using it. Shop for your family, promote your business, supply a school or shelter with bags, or reward good employees.

At the end of the day, no matter who it goes to, every pack of reusable bags that are in use is one that helps ensure that much less plastic waste will be accumulating on our streets, coastlines, and in our landfills. These bags help make things better, and we can promote that better together. 

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