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Kids Backpacks Ensure a Meaningful School Year for Entire Communities

Kids Backpacks Ensure a Meaningful School Year for Entire Communities

Every one of us remembers the excitement of a new school year, and of picking out a brand new backpack to help us meet its challenges. School backpacks made specifically for kids help them to carry everything they need and are a quintessential part of the back to school experience for every age. Bags in Bulk is a dedicated provider of the most fun, unique, and edgiest wholesale kids backpacks for school

The backpacks children need, in the styles they want

Bags in Bulk is first and foremost a children’s backpack company, and we proudly offer the widest assortment of wholesale backpacks in just about every colour, size, and style you can imagine. Choose from an unparalleled assortment of bulk school bags that are perfect for every age and grade. 

kids with colorful backpacks walking outside together

There are colour-changing glitter sequin backpacks, multi-pocket laptop backpacks, bookbags with reflective stripes for added safety and visibility, and of course, unique and fun character backpacks for the littlest learners!

Playful, functional, and never boring, every case-pack of wholesale kids backpacks comes with a full assortment of 24 bookbags that are sure to bring a smile to the face of every student, and a huge sigh of relief to every overburdened parent, teacher, and district in need.

Donating wholesale backpacks empowers kids to achieve more

A purchase of school bags in bulk gives so much more than just a school backpack. It provides organization and a sense of pride to the student who wears it, gratitude from parents and districts, and a sense of community. 

a parent walking two children to their first day of school

Back to School backpacks and supplies giveaways provide a fun, communal day for parents, kids, teachers, principals, administrators, and often even community first responders to get to know each other, play games, learn together, and build a sense of excitement for the upcoming school year. 

The UK's best prices on wholesale kids backpacks 

Every donation is one you never have to question the need for or the importance of. With their fun new backpack, students can easily carry their school books, projects, and homework, bring a change of clothes, pack their important must-haves for field trips, and even have the perfect overnight bag for sleepovers with friends. Most importantly, they will now be empowered to succeed at all they do, so they can reach their full potential. 

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